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Our hotel offers travelers a wide range of historical and cultural attractions in Old Antalya, known to local residents as Kaleici, including cobblestone streets along the old city and well-preserved buildings dating back to the Ottoman Empire. There are many great places to eat in Kaleici, and the Begonia restaurant is one of the popular dining options. Families can also enjoy local parks displaying dolphins and sea lions, as well as a water slide theme park. However, most of our guests care about local culture, they can get around on foot or by bicycle through historical heritage sites, Sunday areas and beautifully furnished cafes and restaurants... For nature lovers, there are several parks with waterfalls and mountain trails not far from the city. The region is also capable of offering extensive forests, stone age ruins, ancient ruins, caves and adventure activities for travelers of all ages. At our hotel, we aim to provide comfort and superior service to our guests. Our hotel has a garden with lush vegetation and a cascading water fountain. Guests can enjoy eating while listening to the sounds of nature and inhaling the exquisite smells of nature. We also offer our guests a swimming pool and a children's pool with their families. And in order not to forget the main attraction of the region, there is one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Antalya within a short walk down the road. We also offer breakfast in the garden of our hotel. Dogan Hotel Kaleici is an ideal place to enjoy your holiday. For all this and more, we wish you to discover Antalya, one of the best-kept secrets of Turkey, and join us at the Dogan Hotel.


Feel at home at Dogan Hotel, where every moment of your stay reflects the importance we attach to your rest, comfort and convenience.

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There is a free cancellation right up to the last 7 days.